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(9 Nov 1937 – 29 June 2010)

Master Chandgiram is renowned name in the game of wrestling. He brought laurels and recognition to our country by winning various medals and titles in national and international wrestling championship. His achievements includes – gold medal at 1970, Asian Games, Gold medal in commonwealth games, represents India in 1972 Olympics, Bharat kesari, Hind Kesari and many more. He has been awarded with coveted Arjuna Award & Padma Shri Award.

The thought of women wrestling in India reminds us of the great wrestler Master Chandgiram. His struggles and contributions to begin women wrestling in India can never be forgotten. When women wrestling was introduced in India, people used to have an absolute negative thinking regarding women wrestling. No one was interested in introducing their daughters in the game of wrestling. At this time it was Master Chandgiram who took the courage to introduce his daughters Deepika Kaliraman & Sonika Kaliraman into game of wrestling and promoted it extensively all over the country. Deepika Kaliraman was one of the first Indian women wrestlers of National level. Deepika Kaliraman is Founder and President at All India Women Wrestling Association, she is trying to support her best to new women wrestlers in India. His daughter Sonika Kaliraman became the first Indian woman wrestler to receive the most coveted award of Bharat Kesari and represented India in Wrestling in Asiad (Asian Games). Master Chandgiram organized fight competitions in almost every village and city of India as a result of which today Indian women are enthusiastically participating in various wrestling competitions, even in the Olympics.


Jagdish Kaliraman, Sonika Kaliraman & Deepika Kaliraman

Wrestling is associated with Indian history since time in memorial. The evidence of wrestling can be traced to the age of Ramayana & Mahabharata. In contemporary times Master Chandgiram played a pivotal role in promoting this game.He was himself a very great wrestler who devoted his entire life for promotion of this game. He introduced his Son and two daughters (Jagdish Kaliraman, Deepika kaliraman & Sonika Kaliraman) into the game of wrestling. His children are also counted amongst top wrestlers of the country and they too have contributing for the promotion of wrestling in the significant way.

After the demise of Master Chandgiram his children (Jagdish Kaliraman, Deepika kaliraman & Sonika Kaliraman) are organizing an All India Wrestling Tournament in the memory of their father every year. This Tournament – All India Chandgiram Gold Cup Wrestling Tournament is organized to provide a platform for the talented wrestlers of the country. Such tournaments also provide motivation to young wrestlers to participate in International wrestling tournaments in future.